Art Project 2017

I have a new creative project. A book. I will select about a hundred of my images that evoke a variety of mood and intensity, ranging from calm, surprise to fear. I’m working on the words. This project will link my art work with my psychological work. I’m looking for quality. Curation. The main thrust of the work is abstract, though some open-ended figurative images might pass the test.

Posts wi candidate images for the project will be in the Category ITM . I’ll be creating new images, searching for old ones, updating old ones and improving print quality if I can.

Which of my images do you think belong here? Have a look at ThousandSketches and earlier sketches on this blog. Post a link in the comments on this post And we can discuss.

Please comment on posts. What is the mood, intensity and moment or life stage the image evokes.

I’ll continue to post new sketches here that are not in the ITM Category (yet), so I will feel free to explore.

Thanks for being on the journey so far.


Art Gallery Opened Today!

I was moved to be there today. Five years post earthquake. I missed it, but I didn’t realise how much I missed it. I have been a regular visitor since 1967, and so there were familiar works, and I loved immersing myself into the textures.

Art Gallery Opened Today!


Max Gimblett. This was an item in his classic clover shape. I just liked being close up.


Close up of a McCahon.


I can see the Harley building where I used to work, fate still unknown.


Petrus van der Velden – amazing image of Otaro river.


E. Mervyn Taylor, I recall his woodcuts in the School Magazine.


Close up of a Rita Angus watercolour. How does do that bleeding?