This is the first sketch where I consciously sketched my experience in the ThousandSketches project. Well not sure just how consciously really.

I feel as if I’m bursting once again, but with other things like my writing and work. Having these explosions is both exhilarating and a pain.

Ex Libris



I like these images, I like the idea of using old books.

I like beeswax.

I want to make prins that have something of this feel.

I will put this whole post on my psyberspace blog because it has the Imago word, an in depth approach to the co-unconscious in relationships.

These assemblages are made
made from the covers of used
books. I seek out those that
bring their own history –
inscriptions, notations, signs
signs of wear and amateur
mending – poignant glimpses
into the previous owners’ lives.
When dipped into melted
beeswax, the papers become
translucent, and unexpected
details emerge. Sometimes
the paper on the inside covers
tear in a way that suggests
landscape, and I add to these
readymade images, painting
the moon in various phases
and hand-lettering appropriate
words from a Latin dictionary.
On some, I add tiny diamonds,
to suggest stars or lights.

iPhone sketches

I am enjoying the touch screen to make sketches. Here are a few, already uploaded to flickr. One thing about these small screens they are touch enabled! They can do stuff the PC can\’t do so well unless you have a tablet PC. I have tried three apps so far & they are each delightful in their own way! Having used different apps (!) on my tablet it is amazing how different tools warm me up to different things.Free app: DoodleIt

\"DoodleIt\"\n\n\"DoodleIt\"\n\niGraffitti\n\nHas an interesting shadow feature. Also has a website they can go to\n\n\"photo.jpg\"\n\n\"I\'ve\"\n\n\nNetsketch \nThis one is vector based and so it is easy to scale! Have never mastered this on the PC. Also has a website gallery: my.netsketchapp.com\n\n\n\"Netsketch\"\n\n\nThere is an art pool on flicker for iPhone sketches\n\n\n\n

Thanks Lisa Rivas!

I am going through the calmest time in my art binge since the seizure began more than two years ago. I did the Thousand Sketches in one year and continued to make digital sketches and do some real-media work in the last year. I have had three exhibitions of one sort and another this year – one is still going at OurCity Otautahi. But it is a month or so since I posted an image, and that is the longest time. I am not dreaming art every night. I have no more plans for workshops or shows this year, and am enjoying being focused in my psychotherapy work. Calm. Before a storm? I doubt it, not this year anyway, I am in recovery mode from having been invaded by enthusiasm!

So this is a very belated thank you post.

On my mind for a while is the delight in getting “I love your blog” award from Lisa Rivas, whose work I love! This is what an I love your blog award looks like. See image below.

Prompted by that viral award I decided to do some heart art as well. I’ll put it in the next post, and I will also send out a few I LOVE YOUR BLOG awards. I will post a list when I have seven & I get time to really suss out some great art blogs I know.



Lisa Rivas has written a great post about my work. Thank you Lisa.

She found some info I wrote about doing circles as a child. Thousands of small yellow circles they were. I was about 6. Day after day I did circles and coloured them yellow. I don’t colour them all the same, but I still do circles! As both images in Lisa’s post show!

Some collaboration with Lisa is brewing… watch this space. Also Note that I have updated my Artists links in the sidebar.


Thinking about circles and the Zen of circles I got going on a few more. Did lots, saved two.


Larger Image.

Another follows:

Continue reading “Circles”

Reflections: Blog & Gallery

Presenting my work is more on my mind right now than making it. Not as much fun, but presentation floats to the top, unbidden. I am thinking about both the world and online. I’ll focus on the latter.

I have changed the name of this blog to “Walter Logeman: Art” with the subtitle In this moment… My art Blog” the reason is clarity. It is still the same blog, I am still “In this moment…” and it is still, as it says on the About Page:

Nothing but art, artists, art talk, art history, art philosophy, pictures and projects. Most of my work and work-in-progress is on this blog.

The clarity seems right because I am working on a Gallery. If you go there now (as I write this) you will see it is heavily under construction.

With the Gallery I can post exhibits, and show work that is complete. Series. Simple. More stable. I sometimes refine an image I have already blogged as I present them to other sites. I will focus on quality.

You can sub to the Gallery in RSS and watch progress and then see updates as they happen including my fumblings. Better still sub to this blog’s RSS, I will announce all Gallery news here as well.

The first things to be shown there will be my Earth Crosses, of course. Next FLAX.


Larger Image.

I have been doing a lot of this sort of quick sketching in my sketchbook, as in physical book. But I like to play with that background!

More of these then? So much to learn! The line is not quite following its desire.